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Find clients for photovoltaics and battery storage in large buildings. We publish new projects every day – you can apply in just a few minutes and benefit from a fast allocation. Spend less time on the phone or in the car and focus on what really matters: installing renewable energy projects.

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Hand over acquisition and administration to us and find suitable orders with just a few clicks.

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Handle the entire pre-project phase on enshift. Neither customer visits nor site visits are necessary.

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Source inverters, PV panels or batteries with us

We help you find scarce components and guarantee attractive purchasing conditions.

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"enshift' high-fidelity simulation & project scoping saved us a lot of time during the project offering of the photovoltaic systems. This allowed us to quickly conclude the contract and start the installation to focus on the essentials, while enshift took care of the pesky project preparation."

Constantin Overlack

CEO, Omniwatt AG

"The execution of our joint projects went flawlessly thanks to enshift. Their end-to-end process saved us effort and time and ensured a smooth project flow with all parties involved."

Antun Brcina

COO Digital Innovation, Wincasa

Severin Tobler

CEO, Orys Invest

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Clean energy buyers come to enshift to find cleaner, cheaper electricity. enshift works closely with them to qualify their projects and organizes a streamlined, transparent, and all-digital RFP process to match them with the most qualified provider for their needs.