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With our Energy Contracting solution PLUS you can lean back and
enjoy the advantages of local renewable energy technologies.
Fully financed, completely taken care of by us.


Renewable Energy but
without the hassle

As a property owner who wants to transform the energy efficiency of your property or properties, you are faced with various challenges. The installations, be it a solar power plant or heat pump, to name two of them, pose an entrepreneurial risk and require considerable investment sums, the amortization of which can take more than 10 years. Energy contracting can offer a very good solution here: Property owners make their roofs or unused land available without having to worry about financing and maintenance. If the property owners also have a high level of self-consumption of energy, this can have a particularly positive effect on the electricity price.

Most important about Energy Contracting in brief
  • Energy Contracting allows you to enjoy affordable renewable power and benefit from lower energy prices.

  • Secure a fixed electricity price for an extended period with a contractual guarantee.

  • Contribute to the energy transition today, without the need for investment.

  • Easily and risk-free implement a PV or heat pump system with enshift, requiring no upfront investment.

  • Boost your property’s sustainability rating and increase the attractiveness of your portfolio.

  • Be independent from energy market price fluctuations.

  • Have the freedom to terminate your contract at anytime.

Benefits for everyone involved

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  • No pre investment

  • Additional income from roof or space rent

  • Use your own green energy

  • Reduce CO2 emissions


  • Lower energy costs i.e. power, heat or cooling

  • Access to local renewable energy


  • Through your profit we can invest and sustain our business

Simulate your project and get your personal offer

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PLUS the enshift Energy Contracting Solution

Every energy transformation project has its own complexities and challenges. Therefore our expert team will make sure that you’ll be able to benefit from green local energy but also improve the economical aspects of your property.

Start your process now!



Our experts will asses and simulate your project and your requirements to provide you a individualised solution.



After agreeing to your requirements like CO2 reduction, profitability and run time you’ll receive your offer including the legal framework.



By signing the contract you set the execution process in action.



We take care of the project management incl. building permits. We oversee the whole process until the successful completion.



We set up and manage the ZEV as well as any future optimisation Measurements



The transformation of your project provides not only green energy that you obtain to a fixed price, it also grants you an annual Rent.



Your tenants receive cheaper renewable electricity and/or heat over a runtime up to 25 years without any additional paperwork.


Is solar contracting the right option for you?

Every energy transformation project has its own complexities and challenges. Therefore our expert team will make sure that you’ll be able to benefit from green local energy but also improve the economical aspects of your property.

Our experts evaluate the viability of your roof, create the technical blueprint, and collaborate with various contracting providers to ensure the optimal solution. Moreover, our experienced project developers and legal professionals take care of contract management on your behalf.

The contract for roof utilization serves to officially define and regulate the rights and obligations of each party participating. Enshift takes charge of overseeing project development, serving as an intermediary between the roof owner and the contractor. During the agreed-upon duration, the contractor becomes the authorized user of the roof and assumes responsibility for system financing. Enshift handles the management of system construction, operation, and maintenance. Throughout the contract and beyond its expiration, you have the option to assume control and continue operating the facility at a predetermined price. If the photovoltaic system is no longer required, it will be dismantled, and the original roof will be restored.

enshift assumes responsibility for continuously monitoring and maintaining the photovoltaic system throughout its entire lifespan. Our service specialists promptly address any malfunctions or necessary repairs. We employ tier 1 quality products and compenents that enable the establishment of extended maintenance agreements, ensuring the reliable performance of the solar power plant

Is heat contracting the right option for you?

Generally, heat pumps can be applied to all existing properties. Nevertheless, thorough planning and careful clarification are always essential.

The installation of heat pumps in urban areas is feasible. But it is dependent on local regulations. Therefore, it necessitates thorough clarification and planning. Heat pumps typically generate a sound level ranging from 47 to 57 dB, roughly comparable to the sound produced by a refrigerator or a standard conversation.

A utilization contract formally establishes and governs the rights and responsibilities of all parties involved. enshift oversees project development and acts as an intermediary between the owner and the contractor. The contractor becomes the authorised user of the roof for the agreed-upon duration and assumes responsibility for system financing. enshift manages system construction, operation, and maintenance. Throughout the contract and even after its expiration, you retain the option to take over and continue operating the facility at a prearranged price.

enshift takes on the responsibility of ongoing monitoring and maintenance for the entire lifespan of the heat pump system. Our service specialists promptly attend to any malfunctions or required repairs. We utilize products that simplify the creation of extended maintenance contracts, guaranteeing the reliable performance of the heat pump.

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