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In spring 2023, a modern solar installation project took shape that is an example of sustainable innovation. The carefully integrated system with connected fall protection adorns the roofline of a newly built apartment block with three condominiums. In addition, extensive electrical installations were seamlessly implemented, emphasising the commitment to holistic sustainability. This project not only utilises renewable energy, but also ensures safety and efficiency. It epitomises proactive environmental protection and embodies a vision for a greener future.

25.4 kWp

Installed power


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Project insights.

In spring 2023, a new building was realised that demonstrated technical expertise and ecological commitment. An ultra-modern solar system was installed on it, which stands for precision engineering and sustainable innovation. This project went beyond pure energy generation and was proof of the careful planning, precise execution and commitment to environmentally conscious solutions.

The carefully planned and executed solar installation included integrated fall protection, ensuring both energy efficiency and worker safety. From initial design to final realisation, strict technical standards and environmental considerations were adhered to in all aspects of the project.

In addition to the photovoltaic systems, the project included the comprehensive electrical installations of the entire apartment complex, which comprises three different residential units. This holistic approach emphasises the commitment to sustainability, which goes beyond energy generation and encompasses all facets of the building infrastructure.

The realisation of this project was a collaborative effort that brought together a multidisciplinary team of professionals, including architects, engineers, solar engineers and electricians. Through synchronised efforts and technical expertise, the integration of solar technology harmonised seamlessly with the structural framework of the building.

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