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K.R. Pfiffner AG, a Swiss machine manufacturer with high energy consumption, has opted for a photovoltaic system to significantly reduce its ecological footprint. This step improves sustainability, reduces dependence on fossil fuels and strengthens energy resilience.

The specific aim of this project is to make over 60% of Pfiffner’s solar power production available for production. Pfiffner benefits from an electricity price reduction of +60% and can thus significantly reduce its costs. The project was completed in a record time of 4 months from signing the contract to commissioning. In total, 2854 kg of CO2 emissions will be eliminated from Pfiffner’s carbon footprint each year for the next 25 years.

4’175 m2

Buildable roof area


Own consumption

925 kWp

Installed power

978’616 kWh

Solar power p. a.


CO2 reduction p. a.

2’854 kg

CO2 reduction p. a.

CHF 0.00

Investment costs


The plant in figures: A contribution to sustainability
The photovoltaic system now in operation has 909 kWp of installed solar modules and enables almost complete utilization of the energy generated. The amount of CO2 saved by the installed configuration of renewable energy technologies is equivalent to the annual absorption capacity of 3866 trees. This sustainable initiative will save an impressive 26.7% of CO2 emissions annually.




Alexander Duner, Strategic Purchasing Manager at K.R. Pfiffner, shares his perspective on the new photovoltaic system
Alexander Duner emphasizes the importance of this environmentally friendly investment: « The commissioning of our photovoltaic system is not only a strategic step for our company, but also an active contribution to environmental protection and the Swiss energy transition. We are proud to be playing our part in a more sustainable future. »




Cooperation with enshift
« The successful implementation of this sustainable initiative would not have been possible without the excellent cooperation with enshift. enshift, as a partner, not only impressed us with its technical expertise, but also with its fair prices, » Alexander Duner emphasizes: « The cooperation with enshift was crucial to the success of our project. For further expansion projects, we would not hesitate to rely on the proven partnership with enshift again. »

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