Increased autonomy
through renewable energy sources.

Swiss Post, Daillens

Solar | Feasibility Study

enshift recently conducted a feasibility study for a solar project at the Swiss Post parcel distribution center in Daillens. The study aimed to improve the autonomy of Swiss Post through the integration of renewable technologies and the expansion of the electronic fleet. The use of electricity storage and renewable energy sources aimed to reduce electricity costs and increase sustainability. Through careful analysis, enshift studied the potential of solar energy to strengthen the energy self-sufficiency of the center. The results emphasized the importance of integrating cutting-edge technologies to optimize energy consumption, minimize dependence on the electrical grid, and pave the way for a more sustainable future for Swiss Post.

18’584 m2

Usable roof area

2’638 kWp

Potential solar system power

346.5t CO2 p.a.

Emissions avoided thanks to internal production of green solar energy

Details of the feasibility study.

enshift has completed a comprehensive feasibility study for the Swiss Post, focused on optimizing the transition to net-zero emissions operation by integrating electric mobility, photovoltaic (PV) systems, and expanding storage capacity. With a particular focus on parcel distribution centers, the study addressed the imminent challenges arising from the expansion of the electric fleet and analyzed grid dependence in various scenarios.

The study thoroughly examined strategies for electricity supply using advanced storage solutions and identified saving opportunities in anticipation of grid reinforcements. Continuously assessing the PV expansion potential using cutting-edge technologies was a central part of the study approach.

Additionally, enshift calculated and planned KEV renewal options to further enhance sustainability efforts. Through simulation and calculation of complex interactions among these components, the feasibility study provided valuable insights for the Swiss Post to improve self-sufficiency and autonomy.

With this comprehensive report, Swiss Post is well-equipped to progress towards sustainable operation by optimizing efficiency. The study serves as a roadmap for Swiss Post to fully harness the potential of renewable energy sources and innovative technologies, ensuring a greener and more resilient future.

Increased autonomy through
renewable energy sources.

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