local clean energy
for large-scale
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Easily simulate, plan and realize your buildings’ journey to energy independence and ‘net zero’.

With just an address, instantly discover the financial and environmental returns your building can generate by transitioning to clean energy. Once you’re ready select and contract your ideal construction and financing  partners and reduce transition risks.

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Enshift Local Clean Energy
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How it works with enshift

Portfolio overview
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Model project

Let enshift simulate your full or partial energy independence for your properties. We only need building type, use and location, as well as current and future targeted energy consumption to design customized solutions for you.

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Find solution providers

Post your project and hire installation partners with just a few clicks. enshift gives you free and instant access to thousands of local and regional installers and technologies.

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Finance project

Start your project with zero capital. We simplify financing and contracting for renewable technologies by giving you access to all available financing options.

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Check project progress

Manage and track your project conveniently in our dashboard. You have everything in view and can assign independent technical or legal support directly via enshift in case of disagreements.

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Optimize yield

Optimize performance and profitability after commissioning. With enshift, you manage your buildings' renewable assets effortlessly - and get the highest return on your investment at the lowest carbon emissions.

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Model, build
and optimize.

enshift is a comprehensive solution for commercial property owners of all types of buildings. Our digital platform makes it child's play to simulate, scope and roll out your green energy projects. Want to increase the value of your portfolio, get energy savings and effortlessly comply with increasingly stringent ESG regulations on CO2 emissions? Then you've come to the right place.


What does enshift do?

With our digital platform, you only need a few clicks to ...

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Model & plan the switch to renewable energies

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Determine the perfect technology mix for your property

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Find and contract qualified installers and financiers on our platform

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Continuously optimize building efficiency and yield

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Automate reporting

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and much more

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Why users love enshift

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High fidelity

Generate digital models  and  performance previews with unprecedented accuracy.

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Determine your ideal custom configuration of best available technologies without any bias.

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Get instant access to a wealth of regional and vetted  solution providers and financiers.

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Enjoy full clarity and complete oversight at every step of your transformation journey.

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Call the shots at all times and stop project failure in its tracks with just a few clicks.

Our partners
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Got questions?

Contact us here and we reply within a business day. For instant feedback, please reach out via our live chat in the lower right hand corner or call 0800 90 00 90 (CH).