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Energy Management

Standard energy bills provided by utility companies using smart meter technology provide a decent monthly summary of a building’s energy use but for organizations that really want to take control of their energy use it does not provide enough detail.  These organizations require a much more thorough and timely approach to acquire and understand energy use.


Now there is technology available to monitor both energy consumption and demand throughout one or more buildings to the detail required all in real-time.  It is now possible for an organization to know exactly how every area of a building or a series of buildings is consuming its energy at any moment throughout a day.  Real-time precise data allows an organization to identify energy problems.  With this knowledge organizations can then make suitable plans on how to respond to any energy savings opportunities.  Monitoring technology removes all guess work in how an organization consumes its energy.  As an added bonus these technologies not only monitor electricity but also natural gas and water use.


Energy monitoring technology, also known as sub-metering, is a key first step for an organization to take control of its energy consumption and demand.   Sub-metering allows an organization the measure of control and degree of cost savings it desires.    For more detail on sub-metering technology see Triacta.


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