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Grid Assist

Numerous companies and communities around the world rely solely on electricity from the “grid” as their primary energy source.  Many grid electricity users are looking for alternatives to reduce their grid use because:

  • Rising electricity rates – in many jurisdictions around the world electricity rates have risen during the last few years and are expected to continue to rise.
  • Quality issues – many sites around the world experience an unacceptable level of poor quality electricity events from grid-based electricity such as brown outs and spiking.  These quality issues cost organizations significant money in damaged equipment.
  • Inconsistent supply – grid energy supply can be very inconsistent in non-First World counties.  In some cases, the grid may supply electricity less than 50% of the time.


EnShift’s grid assist solution uses either solar, wind or both to reduce dependence on a grid source of energy.  This set-up benefits the site by:

  • Consistent supply – grid assist projects can be designed to ensure consistent, non-interrupted supply.
  • Clean supply – grid assist projects can be designed to provide a cleaner supply of electricity than available from the grid.
  • Immunity to rising electricity rates – reducing grid energy means the consumer is not as impacted by rising electricity rates.


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