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Diesel Assist

Many remote sites, numerous companies and numerous communities around the world rely solely on diesel generators as their primary energy source.  Diesel generators are increasingly less attractive to operate because:

  • Rising fuel costs – fuel prices have risen significantly during the last few years and there is a strong chance prices will continue to rise.
  • Transportation costs – depending on how remote a site might be the cost of transporting fuel to the site may be prohibitive.
  • Noisy operation – depending on the site installation, the constant noise of a diesel generator may be an unwelcome addition to the area.
  • Pollution – the burning of diesel fuel, which is a fossil fuel, creates greenhouse gas emissions
  • Maintenance costs – diesel engines can be expensive to maintain.


EnShift’s diesel assist solution uses either solar, wind or both in combination with an already existing diesel generation power plant.  This set-up benefits the site by:

  • Reducing fuel use – with increased dependence on renewable energy generation diesel fuel consumption drops, thereby reducing annual diesel expenses.
  • Reduced fuel transportation cost –  with less diesel required expensive fuel transportation costs are reduced


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