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LED Lighting

Are you concerned about improving your bottom line by reducing your lighting energy costs?

Energy costs are quickly becoming one of the largest expenses for many apartment owners and business owners.  Now saving money on lighting is as simple as 1, 2, 3 with EnShift Power’s Lighting Program:

  1. Lower energy bills
  • Using LED lamps from EnShift energy consumption and demand drops between 50% to 90% are common


  1. Excellent financials
  • Using the IESO’s Incentive Program, paybacks for businesses, apartment owners and other commercial organization can be under twelve months
  • Energy savings on lighting can be up to 90%


  1. Reduce maintenance
  • LED lights typically last much longer than traditional bulbs
  • Many LED lamps rated for 50,000 hours, which means LED lamps will be changed much less than traditional lamps