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Triacta - v2Triacta Power Technologies, a company founded in 2003 in Ontario, Canada, now makes it possible to accurately monitor all energy use and generation to exactly the detail required at one site or multiple sites in real-time!  Triacta designs and manufactures revenue-grade energy management meters for residential, commercial and institutional multi-customer applications.  Triacta meters make it possible to monitor hundreds of meter points within a facility in real-time, and can be integrated together to form a metering fabric for part of a building, an entire building, or a complete portfolio of buildings.   Triacta features include:

  • Identifies energy problems – identifies energy consuming problem areas such as motors not operating efficiently and power factor problems
  • Customizable – can monitor to detail a site requires
  • Large scale metering networks possible – can monitor hundreds of meter points within a facility or multiple facilities all in real time
  • Online monitoring – real-time online monitoring at site or off-site
  • Future-proof – Triacta meters are built using industry standard protocols and come complete with field upgradable firmware making them a future-proof solution that will perform for years to come
  • Proven – Triacta is currently deploying its 5th generation of electric sub-metering devices with over 100,000 active meter points serving a multitude of metering applications in the commercial, residential, institutional, government and industrial market sectors.
  • Highly regarded – Triacta holds a 70% share in Ontario’s sub-metering market in Canada and is a premier supplier to the leading sub-metering and building automation companies in North America. Some of its key clients include Hydro Ottawa, Veridian, the University of Toronto and the University of Ottawa.


Triacta “smart-grid” sub-meters are a key first step for a site to take control of its energy consumption and generation.


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