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Solar PV


EnShift uses a team approach to provide its solar solutions by using:

  • An experienced, one-stop solar solution provider – EnShift relies on the design, product recommendations and project experience of a solar brokerage company for its solar PV projects. The company that EnShift uses has been in business for over 25 years, is an experienced one-stop solar solution provider, is in over 30 countries and has annual sales exceeding $750 Million US. It provides EnShift with the support and experience to tackle any sized project from smaller residential to large mega projects.
  • Local partnerships – EnShift very often relies on local, experienced partners close to where a solar project is to be located to facilitate on-site project coordination, local personnel resources and administration.


Each EnShift solar project is custom-designed; however, common highlights from one project to the next include:

  • Solar panels – EnShift recommends only panels that have an exceptional performance rating and are guaranteed bankable.
  • Inverter  EnShift recommendations will often include the SolarEdge optimizer and inverter system because:
  • Increased energy production – Up to 25% more energy than traditional string inverter systems, especially during periods of shading or panel soiling
  • Increased safety with SafeDCTM – DC safety – unlike traditional string inverter systems, the SolarEdge system provides a safe string voltage level during installation, maintenance and emergency. The SolarEdge optimizers, which are located at the panel, will actually reduce power to a safe level at the panel in case of fire.
  • Superior efficiency (97.5%) 
  • Racking – racking design is always site-dependent. In locations that are known to have very high winds, EnShift racking solutions will be engineered to sustain winds of 160 km/hour. All EnShift racking solutions use 316 stainless steel fittings to eliminate metal oxidation, which can cause fatigue at contact points.
  • Cabling – EnShift systems use wiring that is double jacket tinned and rated to 2000V. This provides lower line loss, allows it to last longer and provides greater ability for it to withstand high UV and high temperatures than standard lighter gauge wiring.
  • Key components are salt-water resistant – EnShift selects electronics, power management systems and electrical components that are encased in salt water-resistant enclosures. This is important for sites in close proximity to bodies of salt water.


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