Community Driven. Powered By Nature.

Our Company




EnShift Power provides energy solutions and services globally that help companies and communities take control of their energy requirements.  EnShift, a solutions provider, uses one or more proven energy-efficiency, emerging energy and renewable energy technologies to solve energy generation, energy conservation and energy management issues for both grid and off-grid situations.


EnShift acts as the catalyst for change for its projects by bringing the necessary parties, technologies and financing together to successfully move complex initiatives forward.  EnShift’s activities span the globe and provide energy solutions desperately needed today!


Our Vision

To make renewable energy solutions the most widely used power source of choice in the world.


Our Mission

To take to market affordable, practical and well-designed energy savings and renewable energy solutions that solve real world issues.


Our Values

  • We believe to be truly successful a business must be run with the highest of ethical and moral standards.
  • We believe a business must not compromise its core values to complete a business transaction.
  • We believe success is measured by how much a business positively impacts its key stakeholders.
  • We believe hard work and diligence are key to success.
  • We believe the product or service a company markets must better the community or organization to whom it is delivered.
  • We believe we live in a complex world and that only by fostering a climate of collaboration, cooperation and transparency can we solve problems and create opportunities.


Our Objectives

  • To demonstrate that renewable energy is not just a neat concept; it increasingly is the power source of choice for many of the world’s power needs.
  • To continually bring to market innovative, practical and leading edge clean energy solutions.
  • To benefit the environment and society at large by delivering clean energy.
  • To offer highest return on investment to all our stakeholders – our customers, our business partners, our suppliers, our employees and the communities we live in.